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If you've been looking for grants, we've been looking for you—and so far we've found 4,079! Grant Spy does the legwork for grant seekers in non-profit organizations, government agencies, special districts, schools, police and fire departments, and others across the nation so that they can spend less time searching for funding and more time writing proposals. Every business day, we deliver summaries of the latest opportunities from federal, foundation, and state funders in one convenient e-mail, all for about $1.00.

Tools for serious grant seekers

Grant Spy's daily e-mail bulletins notify you of the lastest funding opportunities and let you get a jump on tight deadlines. Brief summaries of new and updated grants (including links to original announcements), together with useful news and information, are presented in an easy-to-read HTML format. Our grants database allows you to conduct focused research for specific programs or funding categories. This constantly growing information source presently contains summaries of 4,079 grant programs. Your personal web folder will help you to organize your grant-seeking efforts: when you find an interesting grant in a bulletin or in the database, add it to your folder with one click. You'll know where to find it later, and you can even e-mail it to yourself.

Grant Spy combines the timeliness of daily bulletins with the versatility of a searchable database. We think this approach is best for most grant seekers, because grant-seeking is not an occasional activity. A last-minute search of a large database can be overwhelming, frustrating, and inefficient. It's easy to end up with a long, cumbersome list of potential funders, yet still miss the most promising opportunities. And if you only look once or twice a year, you're likely to miss a lot of deadlines: many grants have an application window of only 30 days or less!

Grant Spy's daily funding bulletins not only provide up-to-the-minute notification of newly released RFPs; they also let you review them a handful at a time, over the course of the year. And when you do need to conduct grants research, our ever-growing database allows you to quickly locate potential funders and specific progams, which you can then file in your personal web folder for future reference.


Isn't your time worth more than $1.00 an hour?

A basic subscription (including federal and foundation grants) is just $23.00 per month—about $1.04 a day. If your time is worth less than $1.04 an hour, set aside an hour every day and do your own grants research. But if you have better things to do with your time (such as writing proposals), subscribe to Grant Spy and get many more grants than you could find in an hour delivered to your inbox, every day. Get State of California grants or State of New York grants for only $7.00 more.

Federal grants

Grant Spy delivers summaries of and links to the latest RFPs from all federal agencies* in one convenient e-mail, linked directly to your personal web folder for convenient organization of your favorites. Our database's search tools also enable you to find past grants.

Foundation grants

If you're looking for a wide range of grants, Grant Spy is ideal for you. Each day, our bulletin lets you to review a number of grants in a variety of categories, from public, private, and corporate funders. Each grant summary is linked to the funder's website, where you'll find more information. And we don't waste time on foundations without active grant programs or those that don't accept unsolicited inquiries: Grant Spy doesn't just show you where to find foundations; it shows you where to find grants.

State grants

Grant Spy reports on funding opportunities available from agencies of state, county, and municipal governments across the nation. Currently, however, the only states that we research thoroughly are California and New York; therefore, there is an additional monthly charge for state-level content from these states. At this moment, Grant Spy's database contains the following number of state funding opportunities.

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"Grant Spy is a God-send to grant professionals. It makes the search process manageable and predictable."
—Elaine Terretta-Benko, CPS, Grants Writer, Supreme Court of Virginia

"I love this product, and my director does too. We've already found several opportunities that apply to various faculty and students."
—Gail Spake, University of Tennessee, Health Science Center, College of Nursing

"I am a huge fan of your service. I have subscribed to every grant resource and yours is by far the best. The way you organize the information shows a true understanding of grant prospecting. And the web folder system is excellent."
—Tony Silbert, Silbert Consulting Services, Los Angeles, CA

"I have found Grant Spy extremely helpful in my work. … I like the diversity of grants."
—Suzanne Shelpman, Area Agency on Aging, District 7, Rio Grande, OH

"Grant Spy is a great service. Keep up the good work."
—David Schilling, Merced County, California, Human Services Agency

"I have truly enjoyed your service. The entries are concise, to the point, easy to read, and it's simple to save selected opportunities to the automatic folder."
—Kathryn Reinhardt, Grants Officer, Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, Schenectady, NY

"Grant Spy is a very important tool which I use most every day."
—Candace Mark, Chick With Brains Consulting, Godfrey, IL

"Thank you for your wonderful service."
—Terry Weber, Pacific Mountain Workforce, Thurston County, WA

"I am very happy with your service and have enjoyed it for over a year now."
—Taressa V. Green, Know: The Diversified Info Network, Nashville, TN

"Very innovative! Thank you for your service."
—Stacey Gubser, Resource Development Department Manager, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, AZ

"Thank you for making this wonderful resource available."
—Kevin Phipps, East Bay Conservation Corps, Oakland CA